Things I want my kids to learn from one another

1. Sharing my life (my mommy and daddy, toys and food) with another human can make everything more fun.
~Who doesn’t like watching the baby in a fit of giggles during a pillow fight with Daddy?

2. Respecting boundaries like personal space, waiting my turn and controlling my strength around those smaller than me might just be the key to making friends.
~It is one of the purest ways to show others you are a good egg.

3. Helping another person less able with things I can do is rewarding; it feels good to be nice.
~ Whether or not I avoid punishment or recieve praise, even if no one appears to appreciate it or notice, doesn’t control how much pride I take in my accomplishment. The reward is within me.

4. Sharing my wisdom (like teaching the newest little eater the best time to ask Mommy for a treat) only serves to benefit everyone.
~ Once the little one requests it, I jump in with: “I’d like one too please!”

5. Weaker, less developed, awkward, clumsy, bigger or smaller,  does not equal less important or less worthy.
~She might fall a lot when she walks, but she is so funny when she screams and laughs just because I’m around. She is my sister and I respect her.

6. Working together can make any chore a mini dance party.
~It’s more fun when there aren’t any grouches.

7. Sometimes you love someone just because you can’t imagine life without him or her.O and A first stare
~That might actually be the definition of love.

8. We all can’t be first, but we can all enjoy everyone’s turn on the slide.
~Go, Sister, go!!!

9. Different clothes, hair, size, birthday, likes/dislikes, or eye color means we are two different people… that’s all.
~I got chocolate and you have butterscotch. Let’s sit together 🙂

♡ OM Mommy


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