In response to Mother Jones article, “Michael Pollan Explains What’s Wrong With the Paleo Diet”

first grill of summer 2014

My family eats mostly paleo. I’m AIP (more strict version of paleo) with some added-back-in foods. This article is good. However, the title is just catchy, not accurate. It criticizes both paleo and raw food diets (but not the other popular vegan or vegetarian). And the ONLY criticism of paleo stems from the assumption that people who eat paleo think that the food we have available to us is what cavemen had…specifically that we don’t know the difference between grain fed cattle (which many paleo eaters try to avoid) and prehistoric wild game. Yet, she (Cynthia Graber, the author disucssing Pollan’s take/advice) didn’t even mention the difference between the modern day grain and wild grains… even when promoting the idea that certain modern breads are healthful. That seems very biased (or ignorant to the damage modern day grains have been proven to have on gut health).

Obviously, this piece dabbles in comparisons using only a few biased assumptions.

Personally, AIP followed by paleo saved my well being, happiness, and health this year. I’m on a new path full of energy. No, nothing is for everyone… but I think articles like this may keep some people like me from taking initiative to make a positive change. “The problem with paleo” that is pointed out by this essay is the”problem” with all food today.

Bottom line: Eat the best you possibly can once you figure out what that is for you. But please don’t shy away from taking that first step into something new that seems right because of nay-sayers.


Link to original article:


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