Every Single Day. The morning.

Early Rise after a night full of cuddles and (consequently) uncomfortable sleep positioning. The blonde curly head popping up to declare, “Ya-yee up…stairs!” that surprises you before the sun. With the cuteness factor reaching its limit, her mispronunciation of his name and the fact that “up…stairs” really means “downstairs” hardly computes.

The “I’m finished!!” bellowed from the downstairs bathroom (that generally prompts the blonde head popping) is likely all Daddy hears in the earliest hours. I can’t speak to his level of joy, but I’m often thankful for the little tiny body attached to mine that acts as my anchor to the coziness.

Then the morning hugs. There is nothing better. A moment of zen for which there is no substitute.

As I still lay in bed I often don’t have to open my eyes to recognize the careful patter of the tiniest feet and hands in the house (not paws, Mela, rather the human kind) maneuvering their (tiniest) body onto the large, antique chest at the foot of the bed in order to allow for a presentation that awakens the senses. “Watch this, Mommy!” Thump! A perfect landing, like that of an Olympic gymnast, onto the carpet below. All she needs is her arms straight in the air and her back properly arched, my fuzzy mind’s eye still in a dream-like state creates a stenciled image… and I beam with pride.

Daddy is downstairs wiping a butt… most likely simultaneously (slightly) lamenting the fact that we have no need for alarm clocks anymore. We have jobs, school, work, preschool… but because not one of these obligations begins before 6, we are well ahead of schedule. Every… Single… Day.

The whirlwind of breakfast and playtime and preparation for school/work is ever-changing and ever-the-same. I get to play with the curls and evaluate the cuteness factor of the day’s outfits, Daddy gets to prepare exciting lunches, and we all get to explain (yet again) that today is not Friday yet but school will be fun. And then we tell ourselves the same thing.

It is inevitable that I’ll feel a bit frazzled. I forget to smooth the little gal’s frizz-bop, my nails are half-painted, my lunch consists of a bottle of water and a small bag of sprouted almonds, the little guy can’t find his water bottle, or my keys are somewhere in one of Daddy’s pockets… or all of the above. However, the day is bright and new. Love, hugs and kisses abound with goodbyes. A very short commute to work with a quick call to Nonnie. Somehow the sun is almost always shining, the temperature is almost never uncomfortable, and the fluffy white clouds compliment the mountainous landscape that peaks above the homes and businesses in view.



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